C R  A of New York

About CRA of New York

Construction Resources and Associates, Inc. was founded in 2000 at the suggestion and encouragement of clients we served while working for them as a licensed plumbing firm established in 1968. Clients deeply appreciated the loyalty and dedication we had to them and their needs, as well as providing a high level of integrity in representing the clients interests.

Our first clients remain our clients today. While the companies they worked for may have changed, the people that know best are our strongest references and most loyal customers for growth. Construction Resources and Associates, Inc. relies exclusively on the good will we develop. While we remain a small firm based in Long Island and Brooklyn, management companies, retailers, institutions throughout the Metropolitan area have successfully employed our services.

Construction Resources and Associates Inc. is a strong proponent of the "team" approach to any project. We have a reputation for doing all that we can to fulfill the requirements of our clients and their projects.

Each project continues to be directly supervised by a Construction Resources and Associates, Inc. principle. Each client continues to have our unequivocal commitment to delivering more than is expected of others in our industry in any given circumstance.

Constuction Resources and Associates, Inc. provides a unique blend of technical, managerial, and design services to address the increasingly complex building industry. Since our formation in 2000, we have gained a reputation for successfully resolving unusual and difficult problems/issues related to the construction industry. We are committed to applying inventiveness, responsiveness and integrity to the construction and claims resolution process. 
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